What's Your Favour

Wedding favours. While no longer considered essential, they’re an opportunity to thank your friends and family for joining you on your wedding day. 
Creating your own favours can be a fun way to personalise your guests’ experience. While avoiding old honey pots and chocolate boxes might seem like a big undertaking when you're at the end of your budget, and your big day is fast approaching, there are some simple but truly special ways to say thank you - without feeling cliche!
  1. Vintage Glassware - This is as fun for your guests as it is for you... as long as you're into thrifting! Purchase beautiful vintage glassware from charity stores and yard sales, then mix and match designs to suit your guests’ different personalities and tastes. Finish with hand-strung swing tags that can double as place cards and voila, you’ve combined two jobs into one! PRO TIP: Stick to one glassware style (eg. champagne flute or port glass) to look more curated, less cluttered.

  1. Corporate Branding Hack - Find a printing store or website (we love Vistaprint!) that supplies branded corporate collateral. From here, you can customise pens, lighters, t-shirts and caps with your wedding crest, or even your names and wedding date! This is especially fun for destination weddings. We also find lighters are a great choice if you’re planning a sparkler exit!

  1. Homemade Hankies - This is for the craftier couple, who wants something truly handmade and eclectic! Rustic hankie squares are actually very easy to make, and are a truly romantic choice thanks to their nostalgic undertone. They’ll even provide the perfect solution for mopping up the inevitable happy tears! Wrap them up with a ribbon and note and place them directly onto seats, or display them in baskets for your ceremony. You could even add name tags and double them up as place cards, ready for speeches! 
    PRO TIP:  The success of this DIY gift is all in the presentation. Adding cute swings tags or personalised labels will make all the difference! You can easily make these yourself by hand, or source them from online graphic design and print providers (there are a trove of them on etsy!)

  1. Shot Jars - Source mini jam jars from bulk or discount retailers and fill them with your favourite aperitif or spirit for a cute take on the welcome drink (or night cap, for a reception send-off!). You can decorate them with custom labels, but we think it’s just as fun to spruce them up with a bunch of eclectic stickers that you’ve themed to your identity as a couple. You could even use posca paint pens to add a message, quote, or quite simply, a "thank you"! 
    PRO TIP: Add in some edible glitter dust to really elevate your jars!



Article By: Sarah Everland

Image c/o: Pexels

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