Top Micro-Wedding Trends for 2021

The New Year’s arrival will not only (thankfully) draw the curtain on one helluva 2020, it will herald the arrival of the pocket-sized, ‘covid-friendly’ wedding.  Similar in scale to an elopement, the emerging micro-wedding is limited to 20 guests.  And while an elopement is often motivated by escapism, this 2021 wedding trend is born from the literal grounding of everything - from imported goods, to guests, to the bride and groom themselves.  Thanks to Government-imposed restrictions, many a whim is no longer at the discretion of the bridal party.


While diminutive, budgets are often large in comparison, and compromise is non-budging when it comes to ramping up glamour and sentiment. 


Favouring Local 


With international borders still closed in many countries, and the reliability of imported goods seriously questionable, many newlyweds are opting for local vendors who can personally guarantee the arrival of their goods in time for the wedding day.  Not only is this the seemingly ‘safer’ option, it’s also rewarding to hero a local aesthetic in a time of national unrest.  Regional, family-run businesses are doing it tougher than ever in the face of forced-lockdowns and rising unemployment.  These are circumstances felt by communities, including the families of future brides and grooms.  By utilising local catering, seasonal native florals, and regional wines, newlyweds who are prepared to spend money on their big day are happily seeing it go back into their local communities. 


Bridal Glamour


Although she may have to compromise on the number of guests, or scale-back her all-inclusive destination wedding, one area where our bride is not compromising is her wedding day attire. In fact, she’s amping up the glamour even more.  Think chandelier earrings, encrusted headpieces, and chunky throat-wear.  Her veil will be long, trailing, and embellished with beads, pearls and/or bespoke lace.  A renewed interest in satin gowns hark back to traditional princess brides.  The 2021 bride is ensuring that while her audience may be small, her eye-capturing appearance will fill the room. 


Interactive Playgrounds


Brides and grooms in the new year will want to create an immersive playground for their guests. Food and Drink will offer creative opportunities for interactive stations. Pimp-your-prosecco stalls, dip-your-own-donut walls, tarot reading, even tattoos, will give guests a no-travel escape from the stressful year behind them.


Decor will go one step further and allow guests to take a small part of the day home with them. Bouquets of cut-flowers will be replaced with potted plants lining ceremony aisles. Family and friends will be able to take this sentimental reminder home and plant it in their own gardens, ensuring the roots laid from the day continue for generations to come. 


Immersive Intimacy


The scaled-back wedding brings with it the comfort of intimacy, made all the more special by the close kinship of guests. 2021 newlyweds are wanting to envelope family and friends in a cosy, fairytale space, the ultimate immersive escape from the uncertain world beyond.  Weddings will be held in natural sanctuaries - beautiful gardens where single-use decorating isn’t required.  The extravagant reception of the past will be channeled into a single, sprawling table, adorned with native florals, luxurious linens and plush velvets.  Overhead will hang canopies of fairy lights, or flowers, or both. 


Stationery that Pops


Brides and grooms will want to pack a punch with the finer details, like stationery. Often glossed over, invitations and rsvp’s will be lit-up with stand-out, fun colour schemes. Tradition will be thrown out the window and replaced with pinks, blues, corals and yellows.


Article by: Cat Writes

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