Primavera: New Beginnings for Wedding Florals

2020 has been an exhausting year. For, literally, everyone. Some years seem tough in a personal way, and you’re just hanging out for those New Years Eve fireworks that’ll rain in a clean slate in a shower of fiery dust, burning away everything you can’t wait to put behind you.


Well, 2020 has been that year for everybody. Thankfully, the new year is just around the corner, and that clean slate signals a fresh perspective on floral wedding trends. The disastrous year that has (almost!) passed has meant a shake-up of an otherwise pretty tried-and-true formula. Strangely, it hasn’t taken away from tradition - in a way, its almost harked back to it, as couples are positioned to buy local and honour bespoke.


Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming floral trends that we’re going to see in 2021 weddings.




In a nod to sustainability, wedding aisles will be decorated with living plants. 2021 is the year of regrowth, and couples making their promises want to decorate with beauty that is, literally, blossoming. 




With fewer guests, and more intimate ceremonies, weddings will move away from grand and into bespoke. Alive aisles not only represent a living promise, but create a bomboniere for re-potting. Guests can take home a living reminder of the couple’s love.




The shutdown of select international imports means couples are looking to their own backyards, for inspo as well as supply. Gone are the days of browsing Pinterest and taking pictures of whimsical bouquets to your florist, without a thought to the homeland or preferred season of the blooms. Native, seasonal bouquets will be necessary, as florists work with the available flowers on hand.




In a step away from single-use decorating, outdoor settings that live and grow will be favoured over manufactured alternatives. The beauty of nature will become the backdrop of choice for nuptials. Think fragrant gardens, national parks and greenhouses.




The hero of the last decade has been, without a doubt, the extravagant arbour. In 2021, we’ll see a move away from the traditional ‘meet me at the altar,’ and a rise in a more personalised ceremony space. Ceremony circles mean less of a footprint, less labour for those who want to DIY, and less money! For some brides and grooms, the ceremony space will be reduced to a single sapling, with the couple pouring water together over the plant as a promise to nourish roots and nurture blooms. 




Many families have spent 2021 separated. In Australia, this might mean separated between states, but for many families it spans countries. We’re seeing guests bringing traditions from family overseas, and offering saplings as their wedding gift. A popular tradition in many European countries, where newlyweds can harvest the wood from their now-grown tree in many years and carve furniture for their children. A gift that gives and gives, for generations to come. 

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